Official statement on accessibility (availability statement) of the portal maintained by the Marshal Office of the Malopolska Region


Compliance with standards

  • HTML5 - The Portal complies with the official HTML 5 specification described in The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
  • WCAG 2.0. - The Portal is prepared in accordance with the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 12 April 2012 on National Interoperability Frameworks, the minimum requirements for public registers and the exchange of information in electronic form and the minimum requirements for teleinformatic systems
  • Taking into account the requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0), taking into account the AA level specified in Annex 4 to the Regulation.


Navigation using the keyboard

For the most comfortable use of the service by persons using only the keyboard, the page can be navigated using the Tab key. The most important parts of the portal are direct access through the so-called. Skiplinków.

List of shortcuts starting at the beginning of the Tab key:

  • Go to the menu
  • Go to the search engine
  • Skip to main content
  • Go to the site map.


All links are appropriately described and if the link text does not accurately describe the target document, the description is placed in the alternate title (title attribute).



All the images have a properly complemented alternative description (alt attribute), which contains a verbal description of what they see. The only exceptions are decorative images, used only for visual effects, which do not add any additional content.



  • text enlargement - the portal includes a mechanism for enlarging the font on the page to improve text clarity for visually impaired people,
  • text version - the portal has a mechanism for switching to a text version in which all decorative images are not displayed and the rest are replaced with textual information,
  • contrast version - the portal contains a mechanism for switching to a contrasting version, which uses alternative colors for different parts of the site so that the contrast ratio is as great as possible,
  • CSS - The layout of the portal is defined in cascade style sheets.
  • Responsive Web Design - The service is designed in accordance with the RWD approach, which means that the look of the website dynamically adjusts to the size of the screen used by the user.